Alberta’s newly formed Condo Owners Association (ACOA) wants to hear from you.

Providing a positive platform for Alberta condo owners to join together to have a focused voice and visible presence, ACOA was established in August by Bernice M. Winter and Dr. June A. Donaldson with the goal of resolving challenging issues that directly, and indirectly, affect Alberta condominium owners.

Currently, the association is involved in the Alberta Condominium Property Act revision process, which recently moved to make it mandatory for developers to be more transparent about condo fees.

The change builds on improvements already announced including a dispute resolution mechanism and legislation that provides bare land condominium owners the tools to deal with repairs and day-to-day maintenance issues.

ACOA’s vision is to help Alberta condo owners join together so they can experience a fair and equitable, financially responsible, peaceful condominium lifestyle in the years ahead.

For $20, stakeholders will have a united and farreaching voice in how their multi-million dollar condominium complexes can be supported and managed by condo industry leaders, service providers and the Alberta Government and be kept informed of major initiatives ACOA is participating in on their behalf.

For more information or to join ACOA, Alberta condo owners can visit