Living in Calgary gives the big city feel, but the city offers so many easy ways to find nature. Nose Hill Park is just one of the many vast open parks found within city limits.

Located along 14 Street NW, Nose Hill Park spans 11 square kilometres and is surrounded by 12 Calgary communities. The park was created in 1980 and it is believed the name comes from the fact that from certain areas with some imagination the hill can look like a nose.

Calgary resident, Pamela Chapman loves taking her dog to spend time at Nose Hill Park.

“I choose Nose Hill because of the location, the size and the view it gives. It also has an off-leash park for my dog to run freely.”

Nose Hill Park is one of two remaining examples of the high plains that covered the area many years ago. The towering hill with the valleys and lowlands is all that is left of ancient rivers and successive glaciers that have eroded the landscape.

On the east side of Nose Hill Park a “glacial erratic”, which is rocks and debris carried from other places and deposited in the park, can be found. The debris was a part of Mount Edith Cavell in Jasper National Park.

The park is also home to archaeological sites and stone circles known as “tipi rings”, which were formed by using stones to hold down the edges of tipis. The hill was used as a sacred place to hold ceremonies and burials.

In the 1800s when the European settlers came they used the area for farming and ranching, at this time much of the park was going to be used for residential development, but citizen action saved the land making it the park all Calgarians know and love.

Calgarians can be seen walking their dogs through the park, watching them run in the off-leash areas, going out for a hike or just out to take a stroll and enjoy the fresh air. With all the traffic through the park, it was decided in 2006 to improve the trail and pathway system to lessen the impact on wildlife and native vegetation.

“I think Nose Hill adds a great area for relaxation to a big city setting,” said Chapman. “You can go for walks or just sit on a bench and enjoy the view of the big city. It reminds me a little bit of Stanley Park in B.C. — a place to go relax and walk around a big beautiful park without having to go far from the city or your home.”

Nose Hill Park is a piece of history that has been preserved to keep as much of the natural environment as possible while still allowing Calgarians to enjoy the green space without ever leaving the city.

Living in communities surrounding Nose Hill Park not only allows for quick and easy access points to the park, but many other amenities nearby like the University of Calgary.

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