1. First step is to donate, sell or throw out anything you no longer need or use. 2. Take as much as you can out of the garage, start with a fresh space. 3. Organize the items that you want to keep. You can organize by season or just based on how they will fit into your space. 4. Shelves are a great way to keep things organized. Make sure to place them so that your vehicle(s) will still fit into the garage. 5. Cabinets are also a great way to store items, especially if you don’t want them exposed or easily noticed from outside. 6. For items such as garden tools, snow shovels and even bicycles, purchase hooks from your local home improvement store to hand items keeping them out of the way. 7. Peg boards are great for smaller items such as tools and masking tape. 8. Running two-by-fours along your garage rafters will create an attic-like space for properly packaged items lending more room to the rest of the space.. 9. Tool chests can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes to best suit the space and/or your collection. 10. Glass jars or small plastic bins are great ways to store small pieces like nuts and bolts while keeping them visible and easy to find. 11. While organizing, why not go one step further and put a protective coating on the garage floor? 12. Painting the walls of a garage will also contribute to an organized look opposed to bare drywall patched with spackle. When painting a garage, go with lighter paint colours to enhance brightness and use a higher-sheened product such as a satin or semi-gloss for more durability and scrubability.