In an effort to help the citizens of Calgary to deal with the flooding effects and aftermath, please take a moment to read the resources available to you.

An important resource for information and updates during the recovery process is At this webpage you can find the following information:

Calgary Flood Information
Transit Information
How to Volunteer (We encourage those who weren’t affected by the floods to assist in any way that they can)
Evacuation Lifted (Re-entry Information)
Flood Road Closures
Enmax Outages
3-1-1 Online Services
Flood FAQ’s
Evacuation Information and Reception Centres

It is important to note that these communities are still under mandatory evacuation: Chinatown, Eau Claire, Downtown/East Village and parts of Sunnyside.

If you were evacuated from your home and granted permission to re-enter your community for a self-assessment, you need to visit your Community Re-entry Information Centre. If you are not certain whether you have permission to re-enter your community or where your re-entry information centre is located, please visit this website for that information: This link also provides you with basic information regarding how to self-assess your home, you will be given more detailed information at your Community Re-entry Information Centre.

They will also provide you with information on what to do when you arrive home after flooding, here is a link to the brochure:

Information compiled by War 7