The city is advising Calgary residents to be on the lookout for vandalism and thefts from new homes. Vandals have broken into 239 newly built homes over the past year, just prior to homeowner possession.

These acts of vandalism have major costs to the builders, but can also push back the possession dates for the homeowners, leaving them scrambling for a place to live.

Tools and appliances are the items that are going missing from these new homes, but the vandals are also stuffing the drains and turning on all the taps in the house. The overflowing water is causing damage to the flooring and the drywall.

“Our commitment to being a good corporate citizen and supporting the communities which we live, build and work in starts with developing a safe place for our trades to work. To do this we ask everyone involved to become part of the process and help report any activity that is suspicious. We have reached out to other Builders who as us believe that a home is only as good as its community and it takes us all working together to build a safe place that is unwelcome to criminal behavior for our homeowners to raise their families,” said Trevor Klein, Safety Auditor for Jayman Homes.

The city offers some tips on what to watch for: suspicious people and vehicles who are out at odd hours, large box-style trucks pulling up after normal working hours, brand new appliances sold online without the proof of purchase or warranty and workers should be able to provide proof of employment upon request.

Recently in the City’s southeast multiple vehicle vandalisms have been occurring. The two teens involved in the vandalisms have been laid with 52 charges by the Calgary Police Service.

The two 16-year-old males have been charged with 25 counts of property damage under $5,000, and one count each of possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.