Thus far, 2013 has largely seen a continuation of Calgary’s dominance in Canada’s housing market. With price increases favouring those in the market to make a sale, CREB®Now takes a look at some of the facts and figures surrounding the city’s real estate situation.

Answers are below the picture of the Calgary skyline.

1. What was the total number of homes sold in Calgary during the month of May?

a. 3,210
b. 2,544
c. 2,125
d. 1,872

2. Based on the typical home and the value consumers attach to various attributes, what was the unadjusted benchmark price of a single-family Calgary home in May?

a. $512,205
b. $509,703
c. $476,500
d. $456,900

3. With fewer listings typically favouring sellers rather than buyers, how much have listings in the city declined over the same time last year?

a. Five per cent
b. Eight per cent
c. 12 per cent
d. 17 per cent

4. What was the average benchmark price for an apartment-style condominium in Calgary in May?

a. $263,600
b. $292,100
c. $274,525
d. $258,210

5. Contributing further to the current seller’s market in Calgary, how much has the unadjusted benchmark price of a single-family home in Calgary increased over the last year?

a. Four per cent
b. Seven per cent
c. Three per cent
d. 12 per cent

6. An especially strong segment of Calgary’s housing market, how many luxury homes (those priced at $1 million or more) have traded hands through the first five months of 2012?

a. 198
b. 455
c. 247
d. 320

7. This year also saw the sale of the most expensive house ever sold in the city, a 14,500 sq. ft. “castle” in Aspen Woods. How much did the home sell for?

a. $10,350,000
b. $11,217,000
c. $9,989,980
d. $12,400,000

8. What is the average number of days a Calgary home spent on the market before finding a buyer in 2013?

a. 53
b. 61
c. 43
d. 38

9. With 442 sales, which price bracket saw the highest number of homes find new owners in May?

a. $300,000-$349,999
b. $200,000-$299,999
c. $350,000-$399,999
d. $100,000-199,999

10. How many homes were put up for sale in Calgary during the month of May?

a. 3,717
b. 4,210
c. 3,540
d. 3,318

Answers: 1.b 2.d 3.d 4.a 5.b 6.d 7.a 8.c 9.b 10.a