By now, all Calgary homeowners should have received their property tax assessments from the City. Based on data from the July 1, 2012 valuation date and Dec. 31, 2012 physical condition date, the values are used to determine property and business taxes. With the annual Assessment Customer Review Period, CREB® Now takes a look at some of the facts and figures surrounding the city tax man.

1>> How many property and business tax assessments were sent out by the City of Calgary?

a. 512,000
b. 487,500
c. 567,000
d. 491,000

2>> What was the median assessed value of a home in Calgary under the 2013 Assessment Roll?

a. $397,500
b. $410,000
c. $437,000
d. $378,750

3>> What is the total value of the 2013 City of Calgary Property Assessment Roll?

a. $312 billion
b. $254 billion
c. $410 billion
d. $354 billion

4>> Between the 2012 and 2013 tax years, what was the typical residential property assessment change in Calgary?

a. Four per cent
b. 1.8 per cent
c. 2.4 per cent
d. Three per cent

5>> What is the last day Calgarians can file a complaint with the Assessment Review Board?

a. March 4, 2013
b. April 1, 2013
c. Feb. 25, 2013
d. March 15, 2013

6>> According to the City, 95 per cent of Calgarians will see their residential property taxes change by plus or minus how much of last year’s taxes?

a. Seven per cent
b. 12 per cent
c. Ten per cent
d. Five per cent

7>> What is the penalty for not paying your property taxes by the June 28, 2013 deadline?

a. $500
b. Seven per cent of the unpaid portion
c. $100
d. Five per cent of the unpaid portion

8>> How much did the median residential condominium assessment increase by in 2013?

a. $10,000
b. $2,500
c. $5,000
d. $7,500

9>> According to the City, what percentage of Calgarians will see a “revenue neutral” tax increase in 2013?

a. 57 per cent
b. 48 per cent
c. 52 per cent
d. 43 per cent

10>> Other than the downtown commercial core, where the median assessed value rose by 25.9 per cent in 2013, the largest increase in the came in the neighbourhood of ____________, where the median value increased by 14.59 per cent?

a. Scarboro
b. South Calgary
c. Downtown East Village
d. Rideau Park

Answers: 1.d 2.b 3.b 4.d 5.a 6.c 7.b 8.a 9.d 10.c