Every year Christmas morning comes, and after all the presents have been torn open, there is nothing but wrapping paper, gift bags and boxes piled high. Then there is the Christmas tree; by recycling the trees, about 40,000 trees stay out of the landfill, and help garbage collection crews stay on schedule. All this brings up the question of what does the City of Calgary offer for Christmas recycling programs. How much do you know?

Answers below the Christmas lights

1>> What can be left on the tree to be picked up by garbage collection?

a. Tinsel or garland
b. Nothing, the tree has to be bare
c. Wrap the tree in a bag
d. Ornaments

2>> What is done with the recycled trees?

a. They get thrown in the landfill
b. They get re-planted
c. They are turned into mulch
d. They get left in a field

3>> When do garbage collectors start picking up the trees?

a. December 26, 2013
b. January 1, 2014
c. January 6, 2014
d. January 9, 2014

4>> If there is no garbage collection where you live what can you do with the tree?

a. Throw it in the garbage dumpster
b. Leave it in front of someone’s house who has garbage collection
c. Take it to a Christmas tree drop-off location
d. Take it to the landfill

5>> What list of items can go into the blue cart?

a. Wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and gift bags with no handles
b. Foil coated wrapping paper, bubble wrap and old ornaments
c. Cards, ribbons and Christmas lights
d. Wrapping paper, cardboard boxes and gift bags

6>> How should wrapping paper be put into the blue cart?

a. Taped together in a ball
b. Crumpled into balls
c. Stuffed in a bag
d. Stuffed in a box

7>> Garbage collection will pick up electronics during this time.

a. True
b. False

8>> What list of items goes into the black cart?

a. Gift bags, bubble wrap and ribbons
b. Christmas lights, ornaments and cards
c. Cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and cards
d. Foil coated wrapping paper, ribbons and moulded plastic packaging

9>> When are Christmas tree drop-off locations open?

a. December 1 – December 30
b. December 24 – January 15
c. December 26 – January 31
d. January 1 – February 15

10>> Where can you go for a complete Christmas recycling guide?

a. www.calgary.ca
b. www.twitter.com
c. www.google.ca
d. www.facebook.com


Answers: 1.b 2.c 3.d 4.c 5.a 6.b 7.b 8.d 9.c 10.a