The future is now

How to control almost everything in your home with your phone

Want to have the coolest home on the block? Then fill it with all the latest smart home devices.

“A lot of people are familiar with smart home, and they have bits and pieces of it, but are looking at expanding,” said Steven Toews, general manager of Best Buy’s Deerfoot Meadows location.

According to Toews, smart lighting is the top-selling smart home category.


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Hard wired

Making a case against Wi-Fi in today’s homes


It’s a typical evening at home. Netflix is streaming on the big screen; the kids are downstairs playing on online game while blasting tunes from Spotify or Apple Music.

Mom is at her laptop catching up on some work through a VPN connection to her company’s internal network, while dad’s watching YouTube on his smartphone. Someone’s probably checking Facebook, too.

And most, maybe all, of this is happening without a wired connection.

Wireless Internet is everywhere in our homes, but homeowners may rely in it more than they need to, say industry experts.


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