Soil-utions for your veggie garden

Want to bloom your own bounty? Here are four things to do to get your garden ready

Not much can beat a ripe, juicy tomato picked fresh from the vine, or a crisp cucumber that packs a nutritious crunch. Homegrown veggies are delicious, nutritious and cost-effective.

Yet as Calgarians also know, there’s a small window in which to grow their bounty.

That’s why those with a green thumb like to plan out their seasonal gardens – from determining the garden’s design to, of course, choosing the variety of crops – to make the most out of the planting and growing season.

If this is your first crack at planting and you’re not sure how to get started, don’t be intimidated, said Chelsie Anderson, owner and operator of Chelsie Squared Gardening. (more…)

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Five questions with the ‘No Guff Gardener’

Sneak peak at this year’s Home + Garden Show

Nobody arguably knows more about how to succeed as a gardener in Calgary than Donna Balzer. The noted horticulturist and speaker is author of No Guff Vegetable Gardening, a regular CREB®Now columnist and trusted messiah for countless Calgarians trying to discover their green thumbs.

On Feb. 26 and 28, Balzer will take the stage at this year’s Home + Garden Show to talk about how we can change our world, one cabbage at a time. CREB®Now recent sat down with Balzer to get a sneak peek.

CREB®Now: Why should I start thinking about my garden now when there’s still snow on the ground?

Balzer: Gardening is two parts dreaming and three parts doing. The best ideas might be waiting for you right now at a talk, on Pinterest or in a gardening book. If you are serious about starting a garden, you will want to start looking and reading now because by the time the weather is perfect for doing it is too late. (more…)

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Show off with strawberries

Grow your own fruit from the comfort of your patio

newDonnawebIf you had a chance to get sweet fruit right off your patio instead of a California truck, would you go for it?

What if fruit from home was also a chance to use recycled materials and have a lot of fun?


In late May, money manager Rob Gray asked me to do a hands-on planting session with his clients. He wanted a chance to laugh and chat with clients and staff in an informal setting. We had worked together before, so he knew I was a closet urban farmer and keen food advocate. (more…)

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