Q&A with 2017 CREB® president David P. Brown

Real estate veteran to take reins of member organization

The New Year will welcome a new president for CREB® and its 5,200-plus members as local real estate veteran David P. Brown takes the reins during what’s expected to be a year of transition for the industry.

CREB®Now caught up with Brown to talk about everything from his financial background to what advice he has for prospective homebuyers.


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New normal

Calgary’s industrial sector showing signs of strain

Calgary’s industrial market continues to hiccup along in a weakened economy as vacancy rates have risen over each of the last four quarters and are likely heading toward the bottom of the cycle, said a second-quarter market report by Cushman & Wakefield.

“One positive is that the amount of space under construction has been cut substantially; helping to prevent future jumps in the vacancy rate,” read the report.


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Five things about CREB®’s Mid-Year Forecast

Breaking it down by the numbers

Earlier this year, CREB®Now published a feature on five things you needed to know about CREB®’s 2016 Economic Outlook & Regional Housing Market Forecast. With the REALTOR® organization recently updating the document, we revisit those insights on what’s to come:


After originally forecasting 18,416 sales in 2016, CREB® is now predicting Calgary’s activity to fall to 17,321, a 3.8 per cent drop from last year. By sector, revised estimated peg detached to decline by five per cent, while attached and apartment will be down by eight and 19 per cent, respectively. Meanwhile, CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie said the year began by favouring buyers, but is exhibiting more balanced conditions in areas such as the detached sector.


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Forefront of change

In-Houze helps local businesses navigate market evolution

The world is changing.

The way people communicate and do business is changing.

And In-Houze Productions is at the forefront of these changes.

Established by longtime real estate professionals Doug and Kim Hayden, In-Houze is a Calgary-based production company specializing in the production of high-quality promotional videos for real estate and small business.

The company will also soon have its own television series.

The way businesses market themselves has evolved, said Doug. They now expect quality video content, professionally produced – and this is particularly true of real estate.

“It’s about introducing the creative element,” he said. “Even if it’s a $36-million home in L.A., most people won’t watch a video for more than four minutes. We try to bring in as much as we can in a cost-effective manner.”

Using cinematographers, aerial drone-based cameras and skilled editors who will spend hours making every single minute as effective as possible, In-Houze produces videos that REALTORS® and sellers can post online to reach potential buyers in a more effective way.

“Your video is an effective open-house tool,” said Kim. “People are too busy for open houses nowadays. An awesome open house might have 30 people; the average is maybe seven.” Videos, on the other hand, can put a home in front of hundreds of viewers.

“In the movie business, they say you can tell in a movie when all the money is on the screen,” added Doug. “We take the same tactic. We produce videos that are compelling and will grab people’s attention.”

The Haydens say the In-Houze production concept has endless applications. Already, their team has moved beyond real estate and has created professional promotional videos for local entrepreneurs.

They’re also leading the way in the use of 3-D imaging, with 3-D Matterport tours that offer photo-realistic floor-plan “dollhouse” views and fluid virtual walkthrough experiences.

“3-D and virtual reality is about to explode and a lot of people don’t see that coming,” said Doug, adding virtual reality, in particular, offers another level of immersive experience for customers looking to buy a home.

Kim said professional use of video and 3-D technology such as that offered by In-Houze puts sellers on an even playing field.

“When people are looking at selling their biggest asset, it doesn’t matter if it’s a $350,000 house or $1.2 million,” she said. “They have the same weight, values and expectations.”

In-Houze is also moving into TV production. Calgary Homes & Lifestyles will debut on Shaw TV this fall, and will turn the spotlight on the city’s exceptional communities, profiling residents, business owners and community leaders.

“It’s about raising awareness among Calgarians that they have a great community – it’s still a dynamic city that’s always managed to come out on top,” said Doug.

Crowdfunding initiatives will help make the series a reality, with a portion of proceeds from these efforts going to support local food banks.

“It’s all about putting together a video to tell a story,” said Doug. “And you have to tell a good story.”

For more information, visit in-houze.ca, call 403-616-0000, or follow the company on Facebook at In-Houze-Productions.

This paid feature was produced by CREB®Now in collaboration with In-Houze Productions.

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Dissecting housing demand indicators

CREB® chief economist walks through often-overlooked housing statistics

Months of supply is a statistic that often gets lost in today’s housing market, yet it is an important indicator of the relationship between supply and demand, says CREB® chief economist Ann-Marie Lurie.

“It gives us one indication of balance in the market,” she said of months of supply, which is the amount of time it would take to sell current inventory.

“If the number is really high – so you have a higher level of months-of-supply – that essentially just means that there’s more supply than demand in the market and it generally correlates with declining prices in the market.


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