November in the garden

Gathering in the beauty of the season

Weather changes in Calgary quicker than a fashion model on a runway. Clear and sunny becomes snow, and then rain and wind follow – sometimes all in one day.

But don’t fret: Calgary holds the record as the sunniest city in Canada. This means we still have sunny days ahead this month. Take advantage of the light and boost your natural vitamin D levels while finishing up some last-minute garden jobs. Gardening builds health and happiness while you create a great yard and enhance neighbourhood beauty. While you are out in the garden, don’t forget to: (more…)

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Mulching made simple

Rules to follow when using Mother Nature’s cover for the winter

The word on mulching is out.

Mulching in the fall is not a minefield-free activity. In fact, it can be a whole lot of work for a whole lot of nothing if not done right.

Taking a step back, mulching is largely about the use of organic materials such as leaves or bark to cover ground over perennials, trees and shrubs. (more…)

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