Right place, right time

Buying decisions encouraged by favourable conditions

Timing, they say, is everything.

Just ask Patrick Yeung and Jenny Hoa, who are selling their individual condos and moving into a newly constructed home in the northwest community of Symons Gate later this year.

“It was a coincidence – perfect timing,” said Yeung of buyer-friendly market conditions currently in Calgary’s residential resale housing market.

“We’d already decided we wanted to get a home together, but the timing just fell together.”

Although Yeung and Hoa work across the city from the deep-northwest community (he near Marlborough Mall, she near Chinook Centre), both of their condos are in the Panorama-Kincora area, and both wanted to stay in the region to be close to friends and family.


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Devil in the details with low-rate mortgages

Save long-term pain by reading the fine print

nolanConsumers taking advantage of low mortgage rates from banks and brokers may not realize  what they are truly getting – or in some cases what they’re not getting.

Last week, Mortgage360 received three inquiries from homeowners whose respective mortgages went wrong with other brokers or banks. In all three cases, the homeowners had attempted to refinance their previous low-rate five-year fixed mortgages into new, lower-rate variable mortgages. (more…)

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