Lay of the land

The dish on real property reports

Lost in the lexicon of real estate transactions, a real property report can paint a picture that, in many cases, is worth much more than a thousand words.

An RPR, which is an essential part of real estate transactions, provides a visual and written assessment on the current state of affairs on a given property.

Performed by licensed land surveyors – and ranging in cost from $800 to $1,000 each – this report will disclose essential information such as the property line of a plot of land, recent improvements made to a property and details on any permanent structures (such as sheds, decks, houses, and garages) built on a property.


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Calgary shares

Sharing economy proving controversial in Calgary and beyond

Share and share alike: for better or worse, it might be Calgary’s new unofficial slogan.

Whether it’s a home, room, or even a parking spot, Calgarians are proving to be big believers in divvying up their assets, with the controversial Uber car-sharing app and several other share-based service-providers gaining footholds in the local market.

Yet despite offering revenue-generating opportunities, services like AirBnB and Uber, also present some risks to providers, warn legal experts.


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Still Standing

It will take some time to determine the full impact of Alberta’s worst flood ever on the housing market, however, recent history suggests property values in affected areas in the city of Calgary will not take a long-term hit.

Although estimates are difficult until the extent of the damage is revealed, this year’s flooding saw far more damage than seen in 2005. (more…)

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