Under the radar

The low-profile appeal of Mayland Heights, an oft-overlooked gem in Calgary’s northeast

Perched high on the bluff overlooking Deerfoot Trail in Calgary’s northeast sits the iconic Calgary Herald building. But few know that behind the iconic structure lies the thriving residential community of Mayland Heights.

Originally named Crossroads, the community was annexed to the city of Calgary in 1910, long before shovels hit the dirt to carve the two super highways that now bind it. Running along its northern edge is the Trans-Canada Highway, while to the west, Deerfoot Trail carries hundreds of thousands of cars, as Calgary commuters make their way to work and others pass through the city on their way to other destinations.


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Centre of the action

Tracey Hodgson secured her ideal lock-and-leave lifestyle with a new Inglewood condo

At 55, Tracey Hodgson is on the cusp of retirement. She and her husband are winding down their business commitments (she owns a beauty supply company) and plan to cycle between periods of work and play. They recently purchased a strata-type lake property in Kelowna and a condo in Las Vegas, and have listed their home in Chestermere. Their vision is to float between the two homes. But with three grown children and a grandchild in Calgary, they wanted a touchstone in the city – a place where they could park themselves at the centre of the action while visiting family. They found what they were looking for in the heart of Inglewood at AVLI on Atlantic Avenue, a collection of 64 condominiums, garden terrace designs and live/work townhomes designed by Jeremy Sturgess of Sturgess Architecture. (more…)

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Generational divide

The complicated relationship between millennials and the housing market

When Juliet Burgess, 29, bought her 110-year-old home in Inglewood for the above-list price of $350,000, she says she became the first among her circle of millennial friends to become a homeowner.

“I personally don’t know anyone in my age group who owns property,” said Burgess, who works in the not-for-profit sector. “We’re super lucky to be able to afford to buy.

“I’ve been saving my whole life, since I was 14. Even with that, my partner’s savings and our parents giving us a little bit, we could only put down the minimum for a down payment.”


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Community improvement

City invests $200 million in infrastructure upgrades for Inglewood and Ramsay

The historic communities of Inglewood and Ramsay will be bustling with activity as the City of Calgary moves ahead with more than 20 infrastructure projects valued at $200 million-plus in the coming years.

A new Zoo bridge is under construction on 12th Street S.E., another is planned for 9th Avenue, creation of a new bus-only route is underway, river parks and streetscapes will be improved, and major transit projects, including the Green Line LRT, will eventually enter the communities.

“There are many different projects and they’re all kind of happening for different reasons,” said Emma Stevens, a communications spokesperson for transportation infrastructure with the City of Calgary.


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Blast from the past

Old and new Calgary collide in eclectic Inglewood

Voted Canada’s best community in the 2014 Great Places in Canada contest, Inglewood stands out for a variety of reasons, beginning with its historic flavour.

Founded almost 150 years ago in 1875, the area has a long and storied history and displays its status as Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood with pride. Many of the community’s original stone buildings still grace the main stretch along 9th Avenue (originally, Atlantic Avenue), and although they may no longer host their original founding businesses, a new collection of storefronts, from funky cafes to antique furnishing and vintage clothing stores, now calls the
area home.


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