Know your condo

Getting professional advice can help first time buyers understand condo documents and avoid potential disasters when purchasing a condo

Kathleen Garcia was lucky.

When the 27-year-old bought her first home, a resale condo in the southwest neighbourhood of Kingsland, she had the advice and financial support of her parents, and a REALTOR® knowledgeable about the condo market.

“I don’t know what I would have done without (my parents),” said Garcia, who purchased her one-bedroom unit three years ago.

They handled most of the process and also found her a lawyer. What was initially intended as a rental investment for the financial sector employee quickly turned into her new home.


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The view from up here

With a commanding view of the city, Joshua Pinter and Michelle Maguire are enjoying the high life

Thirty-somethings Joshua Pinter and Michelle Maguire made the leap into home ownership in November of 2016.

The couple purchased a two-bedroom home on the 26th floor of the second tower at the Guardian project in Victoria Park. The recently married and energetic duo have busy careers: Joshua is a product manager for a software company and Michelle works in business development. The couple says they both have the downtown mentality so they kept their home search to a small radius around the core. They both loved the view from the Guardian with its floor-to-ceiling glazing and vistas of both the mountains and the downtown’s high rises.


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Good condo hunting

Home buyers from different generations share a connection due to oversupply in the apartment sector

It’s the kind of thing that plays out in movies. A connection develops between the younger and older generations — think Matt Damon and Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.

And while that fictional relationship was initially fraught with tension, the bond they developed benefitted both parties. It’s a storyline not unlike the scene playing out right here in the local real estate market.


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Waterfront’s Eleven

Launched in 2007, the Waterfront development has been ten years in the making with plenty more to come

The Waterfront development, an 11-building project, has become a landmark in downtown Calgary for Vancouver-based developer Anthem.

Elva Kim, vice-president of sales and marketing for Anthem, says five buildings have been completed now with close to 630 units just east of Eau Claire Market and along the Bow River.

“It’s great. It’s absolutely a landmark development for Anthem, both in terms of product, timing and location,” said Kim.


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Jesse Yardley Photographer - Walkable Communities

Making Strides

City planners see shorter block lengths and interconnected grids as important features in walkable communities

Sanda Peric made a happy discovery since moving into her new condo, Vivace at West 85th, in Calgary’s West Springs community.

“I basically don’t need a car,” said the 20-something of her first home purchase.
“I can go grocery shopping; I can get my nails done, all within walking distance. There are a ton of amenities nearby.”

“West Springs is the perfect mix of suburban living with its sense of quiet and community and being close to the Core. I hop on the train, and I’m there in 10 minutes,” said Peric, who takes the LRT to her job downtown.


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