Mission & Cliff Bungalow

Youthful energy in an historic community

“Mission is a phenomenal place to live and play,” said Julie O’Donnell, executive director of the 4th Street Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ).

There’s no doubt that the communities of Mission and Cliff Bungalow spin at a vibrant pace, with people always out strolling, talking, poking into galleries and artisan shops, and enjoying the vast selection of restaurants and coffee shops.

It was that hum that enticed Nicole Butz to make a move to the area a year ago.


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Across the universe

Space-age design and retro décor are on full display in Carol and Don Carruthers’ atomic ranch-style home

Tucked away on a quiet inner-city boulevard, lined with century old trees and dotted with mature lilac bushes, sits a vintage, 1950s-era architectural gem. Its space-age design – angles, offsets and images of starbursts, atoms and boomerangs (think The Jetsons) – is known as atomic ranch, a mid-century design trend inspired by the era’s fascination with the space race. The design is funky, retro and eclectic, with sunken living spaces, vinyl tile and even a décor wall dotted with vintage bowling balls. Carol and Don Carruthers purchased the home in 2001 from the original owner, thinking they would renovate and flip it. But they fell in love with the home’s quirkiness, laying plans for a modernization aside in favour of retaining the home’s vintage character and mid-century feel. (more…)

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Growing closer

Community gardens bring neighbourhood residents together

When Lynn MacCallum helped out with the Cliff Bungalow Community Garden during its construction in 2014, it was with a view towards having some garden space of her own.

“We are in a condo, and like many people in the neighbourhood, we didn’t have access to growing food in our own gardens,” said MacCallum. “I think a lot of people in the garden live in an apartment, so other than growing a couple of herbs in a pot on a balcony, there wasn’t much opportunity.

“Growing food was foremost, but what has happened is this community that has been created, which is pretty awesome.”


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