Down the line

Many Calgarians are anxious to see the Green Line LRT in operation, while others say it’s an outdated approach

The City of Calgary continues to hammer out details for its ambitious Green Line LRT route plan, but with construction slated to begin in 2019, residents in the city’s deep south are weary of the wait. Many are wondering if the City should focus on improving other transit offerings in the area instead.

Talk of a CTrain arriving someday was a selling feature 22 years ago, when a future station site was built into the master-planned community of McKenzie Towne. More than two decades later, the promise of an LRT continues to feature heavily in the marketing of new communities farther south, including Auburn Bay, Mahogany and Seton, the farthest southern stop planned for the Green Line’s 46-kilometre route.


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Beyond auto

Alternative forms of transportation dominates headlines in 2015

Joe Starkman was contemplating buying a car for his daughter while she attended university in Halifax. To his surprise, she wasn’t interested.

“That twigged us,” said Starkman, president of Knightsbridge Homes, the builder behind N3 in East Village, Calgary’s first carless condo. “We started to do some research, and our research showed there’s a market in that Generation Y demographic for which car ownership is not a priority.

“We’re not trying to change the world, we’re just responding to a world that’s changing.”


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Parking perception

Driving only one option for Calgarians looking to access the downtown core

For Calgarian Eric Westrum, cycling to work downtown is a no-brainer.

While he now lives in close proximity to work, Westrum used to live in the northwest, meaning a 30-minute two-wheeled commute.

“I like my bike because I can get to where I need to go quickly and effortlessly, especially downtown, and not have to worry about parking,” he said. (more…)

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