Bugs: the good, the bad and the ugly

A look at the beneficial – and not so beneficial – insects in your garden

Aphids are considered bad bugs. They multiply in the garden and are visible on the tips of rose bushes and highly fertilized annuals. The first line of defence against aphids is water. Hose off plants or clip off and throw away aphidcovered growing tips. Another option is to let the good bugs get rid of the bad bugs for you. (more…)

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The Good, The Bad and The Bugly

The other day my friend Maya was complaining to me about the bugs on her plum tree so I pulled a branch down closer, “Look! You have ladybugs on your tree,” I smiled. I was excited to see the perfect half circle of clean leaf where — like a windshield wiper — an immature ladybug had cleaned off the aphids. That’s when Maya spotted the more common adult ladybug and I spotted some pupae. The trouble with this good bug is there are three different immature parts to educate yourself on and protect. Of those, the larvae are the real eating machines, the trouble is however; ladybug larvae are black and look like miniature scary alligators so most people think they are bad bugs. (more…)

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