Net-zero technology promises to revolutionize homebuilding

As provincial and federal building regulations become more focused on sustainable development, BONE Structure founder and CEO Marc Bovet has seized the momentum and is helping to reshape the way we think about homebuilding.

After a personal homebuilding project went sour 10 years ago, Bovet, fuelled by frustration, took it upon himself to innovate a better way to build.

He talked to people, researched and looked at the ideology behind Lego, eventually coming to the “aha moment” that formed the premise behind BONE Structure.


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A New Way To Build

When thinking about the structure of a house, wood is often what comes to mind, as houses have been built using wood products for many years. BONE Structure is making waves across Canada with a new material to construct your home with.

Instead of using wood, the BONE Structure uses steel components that are manufactured in Quebec, a bag of screws and a drill. There is no need to cut any of the steel, as it comes perfectly cut to include windows and doors. (more…)

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