CREB®Now: What is your vision for Calgary in terms of planning and development in the short and long term?

Turner: My vision of Calgary in terms of planning and development in the short and long term primarily includes making Calgary traffic flow better. We currently have too many bottlenecks in our roadways. Crowchild Trail is an example of where expansion will ease congestion.

CREB®Now: What is your opinion on a potential land transfer tax for Calgary and/or all of Alberta?

Turner: I am opposed to a land transfer tax.

CREB®Now: What are your thoughts on the future of energy-efficient homes and how they could potentially be classified?

Turner: Cost has been the main problem regarding energy-efficient homes, so buyers of those homes need to focus on the energy savings over the long term.

CREB®Now: How would you approach the issue of affordable housing in Calgary?

Turner: In a free market system, affordable housing can be a challenge for some, so that’s where the City must work with partner agencies or create incentives for developers to develop more affordable housing areas.

CREB®Now: What are some infrastructure projects/improvements you would like to see in the next 25 years?

Turner: The infrastructure projects/improvements I’d like to see over the next 25 years include the ring road, the Green Line LRT, and more recreation facilities (especially on the west side of the city). We also have to review how our economy has changed and take a look at some of the older industrial parks that are under-utilized and create incentives to bring business back into those areas.

CREB®Now: What is your position on the current secondary suite approval process?

Turner: I don’t like the current secondary suite approval process. We’re one of the few city councils in the country that still handles the approval process. That process needs to be moved away from council to a committee that handles it. And secondary suite standards need to be clearer.

CREB®Now: What is your preferred location for a new Calgary Flames arena and how would you propose the City develop the surrounding area to best meet the needs of Calgarians?

Turner: A potential new Calgary Flames arena should be located wherever it is determined to be the most economically viable in the city. City Council would have to determine what planning needs to be put in place to assist the area surrounding the arena in getting developed.