If you are running a company that aims to do business in a place with a large customer base, take a look around. As the Calgary Herald’s Mario Toneguzzi writes, that place may be closer than you think:

“For the second year in a row, Calgary is the top-rated market in Canada for overall real estate prospects, according to a survey of industry experts.
Calgary kept the top spot with the highest ratings for prospects in three categories – investment, development and homebuilding, said the Emerging Trends in Real Estate report by PwC and the Urban Land Institute.

“The Calgary economy continues to post solid gains, despite the disruption caused by summer flooding,” said the report. “The energy industry, primarily oil, remains strong and will continue to benefit from economic growth around the world.”

The above facts barely touch on just how vibrant Cowtown’s economy is; a low crime rate cements the city’s peace and order situation while a vast network of footbridges interlinks many buildings, allowing easy mobility for professionals on the go. The absence of a provincial sales tax sweetens an already high income level. When your business is in need of some commercial real estate in Calgary to set up shop in, you can count on a regional body such as the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB®) to help you find a trusted REALTOR®.

Quality Commercial Real Estate in Calgary

A check of the market categories can show places where your business can move in without encountering stiff opposition. Toneguzzi cited that many energy companies and related service firms were leading the demand for office space. At the same time, manufacturing and construction firms, plus logistics and transport providers, were doing well in their performance. Transportation firms may take advantage of Calgary’s position as a hub for western Canada and the northern US, the article states.

The potential for a company’s main headquarters may appeal to investors and executives looking for prime Calgary commercial real estate. In an interview for the Herald, a top agent from a major real estate brokerage firm’s Calgary office states that firms opening their main offices in the city have a large white-collar manpower pool waiting to work for them.

It’s never too late to contribute to Calgary’s economic development. Property bodies such as CREB® are a step in what will be a wonderful journey.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Calgary top-rated market for overall real estate prospects, Calgary Herald, 13 November 2013)