Looking towards the future and having a sustainable approach are just some of the aims of the proposed adjustments to the 2014 business plans and budgets for the City of Calgary.

While flood mitigation is still a major item in the budget, the proposed adjustments to the capital budget cover a number of non-flood related work.

Designing and constructing the Glenmore Trail and Ogden Road interchange is meant to improve the efficiency of Calgary’s transportation network. This project would have an initial cost of $20 million in 2014, with the total cost being $102 million.

The preapproval of $49 million to fund the sewer upgrades for Bowness in 2015 and 2016 has been put forward for the budget. The upgrade will eliminate the capacity constraint, and allow for projected growth.

Funding to the Bowmont East Stormwater Quality Retrofit project in 2015 will reduce the sediment loading into the Bow River. The preapproval amount for this project is $5.2 million in self-supported debt.

One of the flood related adjustments to the 2014 capital budget is $20.2 million of the $65.9 million needs to be funded by the water utility.

The budget adjustments also allow for 55,000 additional transit service hours including an increased frequency of busses to reduce wait times and10,000 additional Access Calgary rides to meet increased demand for accessible transit service across Calgary.