With a history as a Provincial Fire Inspector and Certified Master and Certified Master Home Inspection certificates under his belt, Allan Berdahl of Aarlan Home Inspection Services knows what home inspections are all about. Berdahl took the time to share everything from the importance of having a home inspection to why the Calgary Tower is his favourite building Calgary.

CREB®Now>> Tell me a little about Aarlan Home Inspection Services.

BERDAHL>> This is a family operated Calgary business that has been operating in Calgary and surrounding areas for eight years. We try to use the latest in technology from carbon monoxide detectors to Thermal Imaging equipment to provide homebuyers with a detailed and accurate report of conditions found in their home purchase. I am a past Provincial Fire Inspector for the Province of Alberta and hold Certified Master and Certified Master Home Inspection certificates. I also provide peer review and mentoring for many inspectors in Calgary and area.

CREB®Now>> Why are home inspections important?

BERDAHL>> Many homes have hidden or undisclosed issues or issues even the seller isn’t aware of. By having a home inspection, the inspector can be unbiased and report all findings he may come across to prevent the possible purchase of a money pit.

CREB®Now>> What is a home inspection comprised of?

BERDAHL>> This is a visual, non-invasive inspection of the home from the foundation to the roof and all points in between. Inspecting of the home also consists of checking plumbing, electrical, roofing, furnaces and water heaters, and structural issues in the home.

CREB®Now>> What is Thermal Imaging?

BERDAHL>> Thermal Imaging is a closer look at the home in walls and ceilings by use of heat differential. In a nutshell, I am able to see if there are issues from moisture or heat loss in these areas using the thermal camera. Many may see the thermal camera in use on some inspection shows on HGTV, it’s a valuable tool that no certified inspector should be without forproviding accurate inspecting.

CREB®Now>> What’s the most common issue you come across when inspecting at home?

BERDAHL>> Moisture appears to be the biggest culprit in a home; this can range from moisture intrusion from the exterior to plumbing leaks in the home. By finding these issues, repairs can usually be made to eliminate (them).

CREB®Now>> If you could change one thing about Calgary, what would it be?

BERDAHL>> I grew up in Calgary and have seen many changes, mostly for the betterment of(the city). As for changes, I can really think of nothing; Calgary is a growing city and will have growing pains, possibly a larger (Calgary) Stampede area.

CREB®Now>> What’s the best way to spend a day off in the city?

BERDAHL>> Going out with my family to various events and to Farmer’s Markets.

CREB®Now>> What’s your favourite building/structure/site in Calgary and why?

BERDAHL>> The Calgary Tower. I can remember watching the Tower being built as a boy. It was amazing to see it rise. This is the symbol of Calgary. Every picture that I see of Calgary has the Calgary Tower.

CREB®Now>> What’s your favourite room in the house and why?

BERDAHL>> The kitchen is the best place for me. It is a great informal socializing area.