People who plan to move to a different city typically look into the job opportunities available to them before they decide to relocate. Fortunately, the city of Calgary not only provides new settlers plenty of employment options but also offers them a chance to make it big and be counted among Canada’s prestigious group of high-income earners, as CBC News reports:

Among all provinces and territories, Alberta is home to the highest percentage of those with incomes in the top one per cent. One in every 50 Albertans is in this $191,100+ category, with almost one in 30 Calgarians reaching that level.

Above-average membership levels in the one per cent club are also evident in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver.

Statistics Canada says more than half of the top one per cent—a total of 154,900 people—lived in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver.

With most Canadian cities sporting clearly defined high-income neighbourhoods, it becomes evident that one percenters like hanging out with other one percenters. As the real estate agents say: “Location, location, location.”

It’s only fitting for high-income earners to want to buy luxury real estate in Calgary that indicates their status and serves as the fulfillment of their aspirations. Luxury homes, though, take on different meanings for different people. Some equate luxury homes with opulence—think movie star and rock star homes—while others look beyond aesthetics and consider which properties can give them the best value for their hard-earned money.

Pointers to Keep in Mind when Buying Luxury Real Estate in Calgary

Fortunately, the folks over at Business Insider offer a few tips. First, luxury homebuyers can benefit from doing some market research to get a clearer idea of what is available in the market. Second, it will also help luxury homebuyers to work with a real estate professional or broker who specializes in luxury home sales. Third, getting a pre-approved mortgage will make the process of buying residential real estate in Calgary a lot smoother.

Homebuyers are advised to think things through when buying luxury houses since these come with bigger price tags. Better yet, buyers can check out critical home-buying information from established real estate resources such as CREB®now. The right info should boost your chances of landing your ultimate dream home.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Who are Canada’s top 1%?,, 13 September 2013)