Here is your Morning News Rundown for Monday July 22nd:

Council Gets Glimpse of Stadium Shopping Centre Facelift Plan – Calgary Herald

Riverfront Residents Rally to Find Calgary Flood Answers – Metro Calgary

Industry Rallies In Flood’s Wake – Calgary Sun

$52M Question to Resurface at City Council With Debate Over using Windfall For Flood Recovery – Calgary Sun

Calgary Fastest Growing Car2Go City in North America – Metro Calgary

Home Owners in Flood-Stricken Areas Could be in For a Surprise When Renewing Their Mortgage – 660 News

Mould, Mould Everywhere – REMOnline

‘BMOst of Summer’ Financial Tip of The Day: Refresh Your Living Space This Summer and Add Significant Value to Your Home – BMO Financial

Dramatic Drop in Condo Sales Help Investors – Canadian Real Estate Magazine

Canadian Cities, Take Note of Detroit’s Downfall – CBCNews

More 20-Somethings Are Buying Million-Dollar Homes Than Ever Before, Thanks to Startups and Rich Parents – Financial Post