Here is your Morning News Rundown for Wednesday April 24th:

Property Prices and Down Payments Biggest Challenges for Alberta First-Time Homebuyers – Calgary Herald

Home Builders Urge Legal Donations to Help Elect a ‘Business-Friendly’ Council – Calgary Herald

Shane Homes CEO Cal Wenzel Was Just Exercising Democratic Rights, ‘Not Trying to Buy Council’ – Calgary Sun

Cal Wenzel Calgary Election Video: Naheed Nenshi Wants Investigation – Huffington Post Alberta

All But One Calgary Alderman Shared in $178K From Builders and Developers – Metro Calgary

Even in a Real Estate Slump, Canadians Lured Into Bidding Wars – Financial Post

How do Canadian and U.S. House Price Fundamentals Stack Up? – Globe and Mail

Legislation: Put That Offer in Writing – Canadian Real Estate Magazine