One thought on “Morning News Rundown

  1. Hey all. I am a current brekor and former banker. I am reading throughout how focused us brekors are on our pockets. Have you considered how your bank sees you? Do you know when your profile is pulled up at one of the major five (which I worked for) the FIRST THING BESIDE YOUR NAME is your profitability score, to be followed by your net worth? Anyone want to guess what that means? Yup, if you scored high in profitability it is always used to build a case for borrowing or exceptions. want to match a brekor rate? Plead to regional that your are an A’ profitability client and you might get your mortgage rate dropped. No investments and a no-fee visa? mm, not sure we can do anything for you, sorry. mortgage under 100K? over 500K? You’d better believe that weighs very heavy on how you will be treated at renewal time. Just sayin’ so next time you judge, perhaps get the other side of the story. Oh, why did I leave the bank after 5 years? Because I got sick and tired of seeing preferential treatment to the wealthy/high net worth while we stood back and turning our palms up at the underdog the lifelong loyal client of 40 years with a mere checking account, deemed worthless’ to the branch. Hey, it’s all business, but you can’t suck and blow at the same time. Either we’re all guilty of profit or not

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