In honour and recognition of National Philanthropy Day in Canada, I would like to extend heartfelt appreciation to everyone who has given their time, money and effort to better our city and nation.

In 2012, parliament officially named Nov. 15 National Philanthropy Day. We are the first country in the world to officially recognize the date. It has been celebrated since 1986 and I am proud that as a nation, we have set aside a day to recognize the philanthropic contributions of our great citizens.

This pride carries over into my work in the real estate industry where I see REALTORS® giving back to their community on a daily basis and expecting nothing in return. It is the REALTORS® I encounter that inspired me to take on the role of president of the CREB® Charitable Foundation. The organization does a tremendous amount to help others. In fact, over the past 26 years, the foundation has contributed almost $5 million to a diverse range of charities that enhance the community, support housing initiatives and help vulnerable populations.

Seeing the work that the CREB® Charitable Foundation does and the positive impact it has on our community, I am grateful for the REALTORS® who have given so much of themselves. I challenge you to continue making even more of a difference in your community and in the lives of people around you.

Mary-Ann Mears, president of CREB® Charitable Foundation