CREB’s PAC (Political Action Committee) Day includes delegates from the province and real estate stakeholders. The day allows for the opportunity for networking and discussing policy issues facing members of the Calgary Real Estate Board as well as consumers.

Here’s some quotes from a collection of the day’s featured speakers:

Jonathan Denis, Minister of Justice

“Where are the clusters of grow-ops? We found over 500 grow-ops in the last five years in Calgary. There are clusters in the south part of the city and in the northeast. We also found a similar situation in Edmonton, about 300 in the last five years.”

“If somebody wants to buy a grow-op and fix it up, that’s great. If they make money off it, that’s great too but the purchaser should always have notification.”

Ric McIver, Calgary MLA

“Real estate is a long term gain, that’s one thing I know over the last couple years.”

“I also think, just for the record, our friends in the federal government do a good job of building infrastructure but, unless I’m corrected, I’m of the belief today that actually the Building Alberta plan is actually bigger than the Building Canada plan.”

Rollin Stanley, City of Calgary General Manager

“There’s a lot of room in our developed areas, and we talk about accommodating growth and the Municipal Development Plan, wanting  to see more of it come back into the established areas [of Calgary] for a lot of reasons. We see that making a lot of sense, we actually have room in the established areas.”

“We have a challenge. And it’s not just a housing challenge, it’s a business and economic competitiveness challenge.”

Read more about the PAC meeting in the May 30 edition of the CREBNow real estate news.