In the wake of the floods that have devastated much of Southern Alberta including the city of Calgary, many homeowners will be wondering about their eligibility for disaster recovery programs. While the process differs slightly for single-family homeowners and condo owners, CREB® has compiled the following list to help begin the road to recovery.

Clean up and start to repair items/property
• Contact your insurance company and obtain a copy of insurance coverage
• Photograph and keep samples of damaged items, property
• Keep receipts for clean up
• Record time spent on clean up

Submit an application
• Proof of ownership or legal responsibility for repair
• Current property assessment
• Letter from Insurance company
• Signed consent form

• Must prove legal status of organization
• Assigned evaluator will list damages and losses which are likely to receive payment
• Complete all repairs and replace damaged items—obtain and keep quotes for work that will be completed by contractors (pre-work); keep receipts and invoices

Finish Repair
• Payment is based on the least amount of money needed to clean, repair or replace essential items
• Have all permit and inspection documents
• For condo associations: Damaged property under these guidelines is limited to ONLY areas which are the responsibility of the condo association $

• On average payment comes approximately six weeks after repairs are completed



• Common Property damage, not damage to individual units (condo association only)

• Cleaning, repair and replacement of essential assets—this is determined on a case by case basis but items must be essential to day to day functioning of organization
Damage and loss must have been caused by disaster and occur during the dates/location of disaster as determined
Damage and loss must be uninsurable and not covered by another government program or legal action
Assets must be essential
• Maximum covered is to bring back property/assets to the value before they occurred, or basic functionality