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Thank you to Becky Newhook, Metron Media, for sharing Nigel’s story.

Nigel Cameron started his real estate journey in 2005 with excitement. It was a way to provide well for his family and at the same time enjoy what he was doing. It is not often you get to do what you love and call it a job.

In August 2008, Nigel was entering his third year in real estate and the market was changing. He, his wife Anne and children, Ty and Tanaya, headed south to Disneyland, on their summer “road trip-of-a-lifetime.” Unfortunately, the trip was abruptly interrupted when in a California hospital, in the middle of the night, Nigel was diagnosed with a life threatening blood clot (DVT). It was urgent for him to return to Canada for treatment. Recovery was painful and slow, but it was nothing compared to the concrete wall the family hit less than a year later.

In January 2009, the family faced the horrific news that Ty, at 13, had cancer. He was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia (AML) a very aggressive, fast multiplying blood cancer uncommon in children. Ty’s battle with the disease, chemo, radiation, additional treatments, medication, recurring disease, stem cell transplant and complications of, lasted four years before his organs could no longer function. Ty died on Sept. 10, 2012.

For 80 per cent of those four years, the Cameron family lived in a medical separation; Ty and Anne at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and Tanaya and Nigel at home. Nigel was constantly pulled between the hospital, managing what was going on at home, trying to keep his business afloat and focusing on the real estate markets.

Today, the family is once again together, dealing with the pain and heartache of Ty’s physical absence, but focusing on wonderful memories. Anne works on awareness of childhood cancer through 2Believe and Nigel has regained his focus, once again able to exert his energy in real estate.

Nigel works with RE/MAX Real Estate Mountain View. His brokerage has been so supportive and helpful as he faces the challenge of jump-starting his career.

Excited about how social media has changed the face of real estate, Nigel has jumped in with both feet to support local business, re-establish relationships and reach out to potential clients. In December 2012, he built a network of new clients using Facebook and Twitter promotion and gave away a $200 Cross Iron gift card. It is through promotions and local business support that he plans on rebuilding in this new era of marketing yourself as a REALTOR®.

It is Nigel’s time again.

Canadian Blood Services needs donations. On average is requires 5 units of blood for cancer patients and 8 units a week for leukemia patients. It’s in you to give.