The City of Calgary is halfway there.

Left with more than 200 incomplete concrete construction projects around the city when concrete contractor Asty Construction went out of business, the city has completed repair on over 100 of the sites.

The City received notice at the beginning of October that Asty Construction had gone out of business.

City crews have worked round the clock to ensure these sites were repaired before the weather takes a wintery turn.

All outstanding work will be returned to a safe and usable manner before the end of the construction season. As City crews transition to Snow and Ice Control season, Alsa Paving, a concrete contractor, has been assigned to address any outstanding repairs for the rest of this season. However, as concrete doesn’t set properly once the temperature falls below 5 Celsius, there isn’t much time left to complete the work this year.

Any site that is not repaired before the snow flies, will be rescheduled for the spring of 2014, and will be reassigned as a high priority.

Although the repairs vary by location, much of the work involves adding a gravel base prior to concrete pouring, installing the forms for concrete to be poured in open excavation sites and the pouring of concrete. Once projects are complete, city crews will rehabilitate the landscape at each repair site and clean the site.

Residents can visit the Outstanding Asty concrete repair work page on for details about the ongoing work.