Popular southeast lake community continues to grow

Carrie and Kevin Wilde moved to Calgary’s southeast lake community of Mahogany six years ago with their four children – Tasia, Camebridge, Nicholas and Peirson – and the family pooch, Charlotte. The community’s architecture, lake, wetlands and extensive pathway system that connects it all attracted the family. But now that they are settled in (the kids have grown up in the area and now range in age from 15 to 21), Carrie Wilde says Mahogany is about more than the amenities.


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The road to right-sizing

HGTV star Todd Talbot shares advice from 20 years in real estate at the Calgary Home and Garden Show

At the age of 22, Vancouver actor Todd Talbot bought his first home, paying his mortgage with the help of a rent-paying friend.

It was a unique occurrence among his theatre colleagues.

“(As an actor) you don’t make a ton of money and you are pretty transient,” said Talbot, who, as a teenager, appeared on the Hillside TV series with fellow Vancouverite and current Hollywood heavyweight Ryan Reynolds.

However, it was this initial foray into real estate – $190,000 for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo two blocks from Kitsilano Beach – that sparked Talbot’s second career as an entrepreneur, leveraging one piece of property for another, and then another, and eventually leading to ownership of several real estate companies.


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January in the garden

Ordering seed for the horticultural season ahead

“I’ll start ordering seeds soon,” I think to myself, as I browse the catalogues that are filling my mailbox and inbox.

As a gardener, I don’t have to wait for catalogues to arrive to get in on seed mania and neither do you.

If you have a balcony or a patio, you can dream of growing Tiny Tim or Siderno Tomatoes, Delize strawberries, Mascotte green beans or flower dragon muskmelons in pots later this spring.


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