Grassroots gardening

Calgary’s Seedy Saturday offers unprecedented opportunity for local gardeners to try new things

What is the big green event for gardeners this month? If you guessed St. Paddy’s Day, you’ve got the right date, but the wrong activity.

The garden event in Calgary on March 17 involves green, but goes so much further than green beer or shamrocks. Seedy Saturday is a worldwide adventure for gardeners who want to grow their own organic food from locally sourced and selected seeds. Supporting Seedy Saturdays builds community and local habitat.


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January in the garden

Ordering seed for the horticultural season ahead

“I’ll start ordering seeds soon,” I think to myself, as I browse the catalogues that are filling my mailbox and inbox.

As a gardener, I don’t have to wait for catalogues to arrive to get in on seed mania and neither do you.

If you have a balcony or a patio, you can dream of growing Tiny Tim or Siderno Tomatoes, Delize strawberries, Mascotte green beans or flower dragon muskmelons in pots later this spring.


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December in the garden

Plant-friendly solutions for icy walkways and homegrown winter refreshments

Slippery When Wet
It’s nothing to brag about, but after months of false starts and delays, we finally got our new sidewalk poured this fall. It is so pretty, but it does get slippery when snow melts and water freezes.

So off to the store I went to buy a solution for icy walks. There was just one problem: almost every product for melting ice contains salt, and all the labels warn against use of salt on unsealed or new concrete.


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November in the garden

Gathering in the beauty of the season

Weather changes in Calgary quicker than a fashion model on a runway. Clear and sunny becomes snow, and then rain and wind follow – sometimes all in one day.

But don’t fret: Calgary holds the record as the sunniest city in Canada. This means we still have sunny days ahead this month. Take advantage of the light and boost your natural vitamin D levels while finishing up some last-minute garden jobs. Gardening builds health and happiness while you create a great yard and enhance neighbourhood beauty. While you are out in the garden, don’t forget to: (more…)

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