The view from up here

With a commanding view of the city, Joshua Pinter and Michelle Maguire are enjoying the high life

Thirty-somethings Joshua Pinter and Michelle Maguire made the leap into home ownership in November of 2016.

The couple purchased a two-bedroom home on the 26th floor of the second tower at the Guardian project in Victoria Park. The recently married and energetic duo have busy careers: Joshua is a product manager for a software company and Michelle works in business development. The couple says they both have the downtown mentality so they kept their home search to a small radius around the core. They both loved the view from the Guardian with its floor-to-ceiling glazing and vistas of both the mountains and the downtown’s high rises.


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Following her housing bliss

No longer “throwing away” money on rent, local yoga and fitness instructor purchased a condo in historic Inglewood

Spring is all about new beginnings and for yoga and fitness instructor, Lana McGillivray, the adage couldn’t be more true.

This hip and vibrant 34-year-old recently took possession of her new one-bedroom condo at i.D. Inglewood, and started a new job as manager of a new fitness studio in the East Village.


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Together in Walden

With the purchase of a three bedroom townhome in Walden, a young Calgary couple embarks upon their new life together

On a warm spring day in March, Kristen Lee and Joshua Gregory, both 22, grabbed some coffee to go and set out on a day of touring show homes. They just want to see what was available and enjoy the day, but when they came upon a three bedroom townhome design at Walden Place by Cardel Lifestyles in the southeast community of Walden, they were sold.

At the time, they were both living at home with their parents and had excellent jobs. Kristen is a chemist and Joshua works for a security company, so they had a decent nest egg saved up. They mulled it over for a bit, and a week later, at the beginning of April, they signed the papers and put down their deposit.


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Braeside journeyman

Craig Iseke used his cabinetmaking skills to renovate his ’70s bungalow and is loving the results

High school teacher and journeyman cabinetmaker Craig Iseke has two loves: hanging out in the mountains (doing outdoorsy things like biking, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing and fishing ), and designing and crafting wood furniture. So when he decided to sell his Marda Loop home and look for something a little more off the beaten path, but closer to the school that he was teaching at, he had a long list of must-haves. First on that list was space to store all his sporting gear. After searching MLS® System Listings for close to five months, he found an 1,100 square foot bungalow on a 50-foot lot in the southwest community of Braeside. The home, built in 1972, was in need of a renovation, an endeavor right up Iseke’s alley.


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In the Loop

Homebuyer finds the perfect mix of location and amenities in Calgary’s Marda Loop neighbourhood.

Buying a home is a very personal endeavor as Carolyn Kemp can attest. For the past few years, she was considering making the move from Edmonton to Calgary to be closer to family and friends. She’d grown up in Calgary, so she was familiar with the city and what it offered. After searching for almost year, she knew within a minute of walking through the door of a bright and sunny three-level townhome in Marda Loop it was the place she wanted to call home.

CREB®Now: What were some of the qualities that you were looking for in a home?

Kemp: Location was really important. I knew that I didn’t want to be in the suburbs. I wanted a home that was centrally located, but not right downtown. I wanted a place where I could walk to the shops and where I could run along the trails.

Location was really important. I knew that I didn’t want to be in the suburbs. I wanted a home that was centrally located, but not right downtown. I wanted a place where I could walk to the shops and where I could run along the trails.

I knew of River Park because when I would come to visit my mom in Bayview, I would run along the reservoir trail, which leads right to the back side of River Park.

I was also quite specific in what style of home I wanted. It had to be a townhome or condo, not a single-family home. I really didn’t want to be shoveling snow and I didn’t want a basement. It had to feel spacious with two bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms. It was also really important to have outdoor space, but not a patio right on the street, like so many of the homes in Marda Loop. And it had to be close to workout facilities.

CREB®Now: What steps did you take to assist you in finding the right home?

Kemp: I hired a REALTOR®, a family friend to help me. I looked for over a year. Probably all in, I toured close to 50 homes, but nothing felt right. And then I was having coffee with a girlfriend at the Starbucks on 14th Street and I mentioned to her about an open house in Marda Loop and she said, “Oh, can I come with you?” So we went and I walked through the door and thought: this looks pretty good. It had all of the must-haves. It’s close enough to the action, but it’s not on the main street. It’s really light and bright (and) there is an attached garage. I’m usually terrible at making decisions, but I just knew that I wanted this place. I had the feeling.

CREB®Now: Would you hire a realtor again? How was the process?

Kemp: Yes, I absolutely would hire a Realtor again. The buying procedure was really great. And I am in the process of selling my condo in Edmonton, too. The Realtor there is so good – he was recommended by my Realtor in Calgary. He checks my place every 48 hours. He will check if the water needs turning on or off; he turns down the heat if needs be and tells me if there is mail. It’s fantastic.

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