More than 100 Calgarians have no attended the seminar

nolanThe success of Cash Flow Club has not been a surprise.

Mortgage360’s innovative, yet simple approach to real estate investment has been a huge  success, with more than 100 Calgarians having already taken the course, and more than a dozen property investments made as a direct result.

The market conditions in Calgary are perfect for smart long-term investing in real estate. The fundamentals are sound and the Calgary real estate market is showing the expected volatility in the market was more media hype than factual forecasting.

What’s been surprising is the amount of interest in real estate investing. Cash Flow Club’s registration numbers have far exceeded expectations. Instead of attracting 10 to 15 people to each presentation, Mortgage360 has had to cap the number of attendees at 25 and has had to use larger spaces than expected.

Furthermore, the engagement of attendees both during and after classes has been prenominal. Most have already purchased properties, usually with returns greater than 18 per cent, or are in the process of actively searching for quality condos and houses to purchase.

By purchasing now rather than taking a wait-and-see attitude, participants are actively planning their future, whether for retirement or strategic planning to pay for future expenses such as post-secondary education for their children.

One couple that has purchased multiple properties is using the cash flow from new revenue properties to pay off the mortgage on the home the family lives in at an accelerated pace. The couple’s plan is to be free and clear on the principal residence within eight years, all due to the investment properties.

Another couple purchased a condo and set the amortization to 18 years so it will be paid off when their daughter goes to university. The property breaks even at that amortization, but more importantly will generate several thousand dollars a month when it is time for her to go to school.

The system being taught not only works, but is safe, secure and based on something everyone understands – their home. Because it is a low-risk investment strategy, not a late-night-infomercial-type-get-rich-quick scheme, almost anybody can participate and be successful. Best of all, it is free of charge, and there are no books to be bought at the end of the session or an upsell to a more expensive course.

Club meetings cover everything from why Calgary and why now, to balancing your portfolio, qualifying for financing, finding the right revenue property and finding and selecting tenants.

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Nolan Matthias holds a degree in Economics, is an Accredited Mortgage Professional, and the author of The Mortgaged Millionaire. Mortgage360 was founded by Nolan & Jen Matthias in 2010, and established itself as a standalone brokerage in November 2014.