Hot tubs, fire pits, outdoor kitchens oh my!

With leaves and lawns already turning green thanks to a wealth of warm winter weather, many Calgarians may also be doing likewise as they turn to see their neighbour’s backyards.

With Calgarians’ well-known love for all things patio, emerging envious of thy neighbour’s yard is a sin likely shared by many in the city. As many homeowners up their backyard ante, CREB®Now offers up some suggestions on how bring a little more luxury to your lawn.

High-End Hot Tubs

Whether it’s a warm summer night or a cool winter evening, one of the most popular ways to enhance your backyard is to add a luxury spa or hot tub. Offering state-of-the-art touch screens, enough jets to reach every ache and pain, and even smartphone accessibility to perfectly tune the temperature, hot tubs have come a long way from the glorified bath tubs of old. For those looking for the ultimate in hot tub opulence, Coast Spas’ Mirage Media may just do the trick. With a $20,000 price tag, the eight-person, 2,574-litre tub boasts 82 jets and a retractable flat screen TV with DVD and sound system.

Custom gas fire pit

A more refined alternative to the traditional concrete-surrounded-stick-built lean-to of old, custom gas fire pits and backyard fireplaces can bring a more contemporary and refined look to your property. Featuring materials such as polished granite, gleaming aluminum and cast concrete, the days of sitting around that crumbling brick fire pit in the back corner of your yard could be replaced by an experience that offers a little more glamour and luxury.

Outdoor kitchen

One of the best ways to enjoy those warm Alberta evenings is by preparing a meal in the great outdoors. Incorporating professional-grade barbecues capable of grilling an army-sized meal, countertops, sinks and every other amenity you’d expect in a full-fledged kitchen, those with the means can extend their living room beyond the back wall. To take that outdoor kitchen to the next level, homeowners can even include wood-fired pizza ovens, outdoor fireplaces and even outdoor dishwashers. It just might be tough to justify cooking indoors again.