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Five tips for summer home sellers

For many Calgarians, summer means the Calgary Stampede, camping season and perhaps a family vacation before the kids go back to school. But for others, it’s also when they plan to sell their home.

While the conventional wisdom is that spring and fall are prime real estate seasons, there’s no wrong time of year to sell, says Margaret Neff, a REALTOR® with RE/MAX First in Calgary.

Neff says summer may have its challenges, as people are often preoccupied with seasonal activities, but it also provides some notable advantages, including nice weather.

“The thing about selling in summer is your yard is in full bloom, and you have the opportunity to make your house shine like a gem,” she said. “In the wintertime, (buyers) are trying to view it through snowbanks and miserable weather.”

Here’s some advice from Neff for selling your home during the summer:

“The thing about selling in summer is your yard is in full bloom, and you have the opportunity to make your house shine like a gem.” – Margaret Neff, RE/MAX First

Clean it up
Neff says you want your house to look clean and fresh, so declutter the inside of your house and tidy the yard outside. Make sure windows are clean, then get rid of accumulated dirt on things like siding using a pressure washer.

Look at landscaping
When someone drives up to your property, that first impression can determine whether your home resonates with a potential buyer, says Neff, so even a few easy landscape improvements can help.

“It’s amazing what a couple of flower pots can do for the look of the outside of a property,” she said.

Utilize your yard
Neff says if you have any outdoor patio areas or decks, emphasize that outdoor living space, even if it’s something you don’t use yourself. She says some used patio furniture can be found for cheap online, or your Realtor may have leads on people who can set up your home to sell, indoors and outdoors.

Keep it cool
Summer weather is great, except when it makes your home hot and sticky for prospective buyers. Neff says you should receive reasonable notice of a showing from your Realtor, so fire up the air conditioning or get up early to open windows for cool air, then close them when you leave the house for the showing.

Use a professional
Using a real estate professional to sell your home is important in any season, including summer. Neff says a Realtor controls who enters your home, keeping you and your possessions safe. They also have the expertise to make your home catch buyers’ attention during the busy summer.

“It’s up to us as agents to help them market their product, no matter when they choose to sell,” she said.