A home for all

RESOLVE affordable housing initiative approaches successful conclusion

What do I want, you ask so innocently.
I want a HOME, as many of you have.

These lines come from a poem written by 67-year-old Anne Cartledge. “I use all capital letters when I write the word ‘home,’ because that’s how important it is,” she said.

Plagued with severe arthritis and fibromyalgia that left her unable to work, Cartledge first survived on AISH (Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped) and, now, on her Old Age Security pension.

Though Cartledge describes herself as a “frugal shopper” and “good at the scrounge routine,” she also admits, “I am part of the circle that if I didn’t have subsidized housing, I’d be living on the street.”


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Small Towns on the Big Screen

High River and Okotoks are burgeoning film hubs

Even for those who don’t watch CBC’s family-drama series Heartland – now in its 11th season – the town of High River has become synonymous with the show.

“Heartland has become a part of the community,” said Irene Kerr, the curator and director of High River’s Museum of the Highwood. High River poses as the town of Hudson on Heartland. One of the show’s most well-known locales, Maggie’s Diner, is a building right along High River’s Main Street.

“We noticed a shift around 2015, when people who were visiting High River stopped asking about the 2013 flood and wanted to see where they were filming Heartland,” said Kerr.


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Acreage allure

Navigating the road to rural living

Dave Mahlow grew up on an acreage, and knew he wanted to return to the rural lifestyle, even after living in Calgary with his wife Kathy for many years. Last June, the couple made the move, purchasing a 12-acre property near Millarville.

“We wanted to get away from the city and enjoy the peace and quiet,” said Mahlow.


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Off the beaten path

Priddis provides picturesque, rural lifestyle in Calgary’s shadow

Ed Osborne, the president of the Priddis Community Association and a former agricultural consultant, recalls when he relocated from the Calgary community of Woodbine to Priddis some 15 years ago.

“I grew up on and off my uncle’s farm in Manitoba. I always wanted to live in the country,” said Osborne, adding the allure of rural living is what drew him to the tiny hamlet about 10 kilometres west of Calgary’s city limits.


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