The Balancing Act

Calgary’s housing market showing signs of stability, but the road to a full recovery will take time.

If Calgary’s housing market was a hospital patient, it would have been in intensive care for the last year. Today, though, the patient is showing signs of serious recovery.

First quarter data for 2017 from the CREB®, released earlier this month, reveals the market could be entering a period of stability in which supply and demand are essentially balancing out in the detached sector of the market.

“When we talk about recovery, we have to differentiate the marketplace conditions because there are two segments facing different prospects,” said Ann-Marie Lurie, chief economist with CREB®.


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Fighting homelessness

Medicine Hat’s virtual elimination of homelessness gives Calgary a good path to follow

Governments of all levels have been talking about ending homelessness for some time now, but Medicine Hat is actually walking the talk.

With a population over 63,000, Medicine Hat, for all intents and purposes, has put an end to chronic homelessness – a cycle in which individuals are perpetually stuck, residing in shelters, or worse, living on the streets for extended periods.

It’s a goal seven municipalities across Alberta, including Calgary, vowed to accomplish almost a decade ago. But only Medicine Hat can claim success — outside of a handful of individuals who continue to use the city’s shelter system on a long-term basis.


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Affordability Eye-opener

City report shows lagging need for more affordable housing options

It’s no secret that affordable housing is hard to come by in Calgary.

Plenty of studies, including several by the municipal government, have pointed to this problem in the past. Yet none have been able to provide a comprehensive picture – until now.

Earlier this month, the City of Calgary released an unprecedented report called Housing in Calgary: An Inventory of Housing Supply, 2015/2016.


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Faster, Stronger, Higher… Prices?

As Calgary considers a bid for the 2026 Olympics, it will likely find no stronger booster than the city’s real estate industry

The prospect of hosting another Olympics is undoubtedly creating a lot of a buzz in Calgary and the city has no bigger booster of the cause than its real estate industry.

The City officially announced last month that an exploratory committee ( is investigating whether Calgary should bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

While there’s no guarantee the City will actually go through with it, hosting the Winter Games for a second time could be a boon for Calgary’s real estate market.


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The Grumble Over Gravel

Rocky View’s proposed gravel pit policy has local homeowners crying foul

Gravel hardly seems like a subject to stir controversy, but a proposed policy plan for gravel pits in Rocky View County has done just that.

Since the draft of Rocky View County’s Aggregate Resource Plan was announced last year, it has raised the ire of residents in areas close to existing and possible future gravel operations.


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