Gimme shelter

Shelterbelts provide a variety of benefits for country homeowners

The phrase “eat dirt” probably came from a country dweller without a shelterbelt.

When people move to the country, the first problem they often encounter is wind. Thankfully, a shelterbelt can solve that.

Outside the shelterbelt’s protective boundary, it’s the Wild West. But inside, the shelterbelt provides a cozy spot where flowerpots don’t blow away and dust doesn’t find its way into your eyes and mouth. The benefits don’t stop there either. With a well-planned shelterbelt, falling snow will pile up on your lawn, instead of in the middle of your driveway.


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Wildlife magnets

Keeping park-side gardens free of unwanted visitors is a constant struggle

There is a dark side to living close to parks when you have a garden: wildlife. Park animals will always prefer your tasty seeds and expensive perennials over the slim pickings in the park.

“I have a severe squirrel problem here … they are digging up the seeds I keep replanting,” said my friend Jeannine Oakes. I laughed, but should have been more sympathetic.

Deer are also a frequent nuisance for many people that live near parks, but there are ways to stop them from feasting on your garden.


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