Founded in Vancouver in 2008 by Doug Burgoyne, FrogBox’s Calgary franchise has been providing eco-friendly moving services for the last year.

“We’ve been open for the last year and every month we continue to grow,” said Sylvia Cieslik FrogBox Calgary’s sales and marketing manager.

The company — featured on CBC’s The Dragons Den in 2011 — provides clients with an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes. Instead of having to track down or buy cardboard boxes for a move, Calgarians can call up FrogBox who will deliver plastic moving boxes. Once you’ve moved into your new home, FrogBox returns to pick up the emptied boxes.

“As a business, FrogBox just makes sense; it’s easy to explain, with strong potential for growth — excellent fundamentals for any startup,” said “dragon” and Calgary entrepreneur W. Brett Wilson, one of the three to invest in the company, in a Financial Post story.

Cieslik added the company also does moves between cities. If someone were to move from Calgary to Vancouver, FrogBox would drop off the boxes in Calgary and then pick them up from your new home in Vancouver. Having products available in FrogBoxes 18 Canadian and five American locations can make moving an easy process.

“One of our big things is we want to make moving as stress free as possible,” she said.

According to the Canadian Association of Movers, five million Canadians make a move each year and while moving is an exciting adventure, it can also be a stressful one. Cieslik offered up two top tips for making a switch from home to home, the first being fuelling both your mind and your body.

“Moving can be exhausting physically, but also emotionally, especially for families and young children,” she said. “Stay hydrated and stock up on healthy snacks.”

Cieslik also suggested — with the way the weather can change so much in a short period of time — holding off on packing your snow shovel or eco-friendly sidewalk salt so both your movers and/or yourself have clear pathways when it comes to moving day.

While FrogBox Calgary currently offers up the FrogBoxes themselves as well as recycled packing and FrogBox wardrobes, Cieslik said the company is also looking into offering biodegradable furniture covers in the future.

Keeping with its eco-friendly logic, FrogBox is also doing its part to restore the habitat of its namesake. The company donates one per cent of gross revenues to frog habitat restoration while participating with different organizations to help preserve the species.

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The FrogBox website offers up a few handy tips for homeowners/renters making their next move.

1. Prepare
The company recommends starting to sort your belongings well before moving day. “Put aside items you haven’t used in a long time, that have lost their meaning or are no longer needed,” the site suggests. “Start in the attic, basement, garage, storage — then do the rest of your home, (it) will seem like a walk in the park.

2. Reduce
In keeping with FrogBoxes eco-friendly theme – reduce and/or recycle belongings you no longer use or want. Have a yard sale or post items on sites such as Kijiji to earn a few dollars from items you no longer have a use for. Old electronics as well as any cardboard and plastics can be recycled.

3. Choosing the right moving company
Folks making a move can call or email FrogBox for a list of trusted movers in their area. Canada’s Better Business Bureau suggests obtaining three written estimates from “reputable” firms before making a final decision as well as asking questions such as; can the company provide licensing?, does the insurance policy have a deductible? and do they have qualified trained professionals on staff.

4. Get packing
Make the moving process a smooth one by starting with non-essential items. FrogBox suggests using labels to clearly mark the contents of each box and where they belong in your new home. “Make a list of the breakable items you’ll want to move personally, and begin to organize them into one area,” said the site. “This may include art work, glass, china, lamp shades.”

5. Green Cleaning
FrogBox suggests using green cleaning products to both help protect the environment as well as being good for your health. “You can also hire a professional green cleaning company or an eco-friendly carpet cleaning firm to help you with the cleaning job.”

6. New address notifications
To be sure all of your mail follows you to your new home, FrogBox suggests making a list of the various organizations, businesses etc. who need to be notified of your change in address. Mail forwarding can be arranged with the post office or online and make sure to cancel or change any services such as cable.

7. Important papers, medication, contacts, keys
FrogBox recommends keeping small items of importance such as passports and other documents in one briefcase or small suitcase in a central location so when moving time comes, you can easily keep track of it and have it with you when you leave.

8. Healthy snacks and drinks
As mentioned by Cieslik, moving can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. FrogBox says to be sure to stay stocked up on lots of water as well as organic fruit, veggies and whole grains.